Girl is a noun word which is used for Female it’s not an acronym so their is not any original full form for Word Girl.

Even tho some people made their own Girl Full form.

The full form of Girl is “Ghost in Real Life“, “Guy in Real Life”, and ”Generalized Information Retrieval Language”. Girl has various different full form which i have told you below in list.

Beside that Girl stand for “Graph Information Retrieval Language”, and “Goddess In Real Life”. Below I have mentioned other full form of GIRL in Below table.

All Full Form of GIRL and Meaning

Full Form of Girl
Genetically Inferior Retarded Life form
आनुवांशिक रूप से हीन जीवन का प्रतिकार
Grace Inspiration Respect Love
अनुग्रह प्रेरणा सम्मान प्यार
Ghost in Real Life
रियल लाइफ में भूत
Guy in Real Life
रियल लाइफ में लड़का
Generalized Information Retrieval Language
सामान्यीकृत सूचना पुनर्प्राप्ति भाषा
Graph Information Retrieval Language
ग्राफ सूचना पुनर्प्राप्ति भाषा
Gossipers In Real Life
रियल लाइफ में गॉसिपर्स
Girl Innovation Research and Learning
गर्ल इनोवेशन रिसर्च एंड लर्निंग
Group Interaction Reinforces Learning
समूह सहभागिता सीखना सीखना


Q1- What is the girl full form in english?

Girl Full form in English is “Ghost in Real Life”, “Guy in Real Life”, and ”Generalized Information Retrieval Language”

Q2- What is the full form of girl in joke?

Full Form of Girl in Joke is
G – Gussa hamesha naak pe
I – Innocent sirf shakal se
R – Rone ki automatic machine
L – Ladai mein sabki naani.

Q3- What is the Full of Girl in slang?

In slag the full form of Girl is “Ghost In Real Life”.

Q4- What is the Full Form Of Girl in Programming and Computing?

The full Form of girl in Programming and Computing is “Graph Information Retrieval Language” and “Generalized Information Retrieval Language”


The word “Girl” is use for female who is unmarried. After the marriage Women use for them not Girl.

As I listed above there are various full form of Love and Commonly use are”Ghost in Real Life”, “Guy in Real Life”, and ”Generalized Information Retrieval Language”.

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Also if you search any other full form of short forms then once check the below table.