LOVE is a emotion not an acronym it doesn’t have full form still peoples have created various full forms of love on their own.

The full form of love is “Life’s Only Valuable Emotion”, “Living out Various Emotions”, ”Living off Vital Emotions” and “Language of Various Emotions”. Love has various different full form which i have told you below in list.

Beside that Wife stand for “Look Observe Verify Enjoy”, “Land of Sorrow, Ocean of Tears, Valley of Death, End of Life” and “Living Out Victorious Experiences”. Below I have mentioned other full form of LOVE in Below table.

All Full Form of LOVE and Meaning

Full Form of Love
Level of Violence
हिंसा का स्तर
Laws of Vibrational Energy
वाइब्रेशनल एनर्जी के नियम
Living Our Values Everyday
हर दिन हमारे मूल्यों को जीना
Let Our Voices Encourage
हमारी आवाज को प्रोत्साहित करें
Love Others Very Eagerly
दूसरों से बहुत प्यार करना
Letting Others Voluntarily Evolve
दूसरों को स्वेच्छा से विकसित होने देना
Living One Vibrational Energy
लिविंग वन वाइब्रेशनल एनर्जी
Loss of Valuable Energy
मूल्यवान ऊर्जा की हानि
Legs Open Very Easy
पैर आसानी से खुल जाएँ
Living off Vital Emotions
महत्वपूर्ण भावनाओं को जीना
Leave out Violence Everywhere
हर जगह हिंसा छोड़ दो
Loss of Valuable Emotions
मूल्यवान भावनाओं का नुकसान
Live Openly Value Everyone
सभी के लिए खुलेआम मूल्य जीते
Loss of Virtually Everything
वस्तुतः सब कुछ का नुकसान
Love Overcomes Virtually Everything
प्यार लगभग सब कुछ खत्म हो गया
Let Our Voices Echo
चलो हमारी आवाज़ें गूंजती हैं
Loss of Valuable Education
मूल्यवान शिक्षा का नुकसान
Listen, Overlook, Value, Encourage
सुनो, अनदेखी, मूल्य, प्रोत्साहित करें
League of Villainous Entities
विलेनसियस एंटिटीज की लीग
Lunar Observations Verifier Editor
चंद्र अवलोकन सत्यापनकर्ता संपादक
Lots of Varied Emotions
विभिन्न भावनाओं के बहुत सारे
Let Our Values Endure
हमारे मूल्यों को समाप्त होने दें
Living Out Victorious Experiences
विजयी अनुभव से बाहर
Living Our Vision Everyday
हर दिन हमारा विजन जीना
Lots of Violent Emotions
हिंसक भावनाओं के बहुत सारे
Living out Various Emotions
विभिन्न भावनाओं को जीना
Life Offers Valuable Experiences 
जीवन मूल्यवान अनुभव प्रदान करता है


Q1- What does L stand for in love?

In emotions L stand of Lust in love according to full form of LOVE  L= lust, O= obsession, V= vain, E= electricity. Love is a most intensive feeling in this world and it is an emotion not an acronym word so normally LOVE doesn’t have any full form.

Q2- What is the full of LOVE in science and medical?

In science and medical the full form of LOVE is “Linguistics of Visual English” and “Lunar Observations Verifier Editor”.

Q3- What is the Full Form of Love in Business?

In business the LOVE full form is “Living Our Values Everyday”

Q4- What is the full form of Love in Organizations?

Love full form in Organizations is “Laws of Vibrational Energy”, “Living Our Values Everyday”, “Let Our Voices Encourage”, “Leave out Violence Everywhere”, and “
Listen, Observe, Value, Embrace”.

Q5- What does Love stand for Emotions?

Love is a most intensive feeling in this world and it is an emotion not an acronym word so normally LOVE doesn’t have any full form.

Still there are various full forms which is made by peoples like “Life’s Only Valuable Emotion”, “Long Lasting Original Valuable Emotion”, and “Life Of Very Emotional Person”.


As I said Love is an emotion and feeling. It’s definition is different according to different situation like:

  • For a person: I love my Mother and Father.
  • For your Love one: I love Piyushi. ( Your Lover or Partner).
  • For Show: I love Harry Potter. (Any show or Movie)
  • For Tech: I love My phone.

As I listed above there are various full form of Love and Commonly use are “Life’s Only Valuable Emotion”, “Living out Various Emotions”, ”Living off Vital Emotions” and “Language of Various Emotions”.

I hope this post is helpful for you and if it is then will share with other.

Also if you search any other full form of short forms then once check the below table.