Name of Book :The great train journey
Author Of Book:Ruskin Bond
Language of Book :English
Size of Ebook :2.1MB
Total pages in ebook :125
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About the book: The book is the part Ruskin Bond’s 40 short stories. This book is based of the concept “Time to Stand and Stare”. According Author, there was the time when children used to spend there most of time of Railway tracks, Railway stations and around trains.

Nowadays, The time has changed and hardly anyone stand and stare that excite them.

This book is a great piece of work in all 40 books. The book is based on trains like train watching, traveling on train, walking on the tracks, and so on.

 The author has compiled all short stories in some way that they revolve around the trains and railway stations of small-town India.

The story is really engaging that it will take you back to the time period when people don’t have to care and had time to stand and stare.

The Great Train Journey is based on a boy named Suraj. In summertime he didn’t had anything to do so he always wanders all day here and there, especially at the railway station and on the tracks.

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